Alexander Hamilton talking about Article V of our Constitution

Ever since writing the Constitution of the United States there has been distracters trying to scare people and prevent an Article V amending convention. The same people would have you believe that Congress would take over any amending convention and run it the way they want it run. Alexander Hamilton said it best in the Federalist paper #85: ”But there […]

Texas Politics

Female Democrat faces uphill battle for Governor

Early voting has been going on for several days, and the Democratic lady with the big hair insists that she’s still very much in the fight, despite being heavily outspent by her male Republican opponent. Most polls and prognosticators say she’s dreaming, and might trail by double digits. But she senses as she campaigns around the state that people are […]

Writer’s Roost

Are there truly six people with whom you can be in love?

Somewhere I read that there are six people in your lifetime in this world that you can truly be in love with. Can that be true? I’ve never professed to be an expert on women and I certainly would never begin to make decisions or predictions in their behalf. And, I won’t make decisions in behalf of the male gender […]

On the Edge of Common Sense

The Silent Partner

H er name’s on thenote at the ValleyBank, boys,Though shemight have questioned theloanShe signed her JohnHenry ‘neath yours on thelin eAnd she will ‘til thekids are all grown. Nobody’s counted thepickups she’s pulledOr measured the milesshe’s put on the rakeKept track of the pancakes or lunches she’spackedOr the number of timesshe lay there awake Praying her prayers forthe man in […]

Papa Joe reigns supreme at BBQ cook-off

The cameraderie of brother and sisterhood of all things barbequed really was shown at the Cowboy Homecoming BBQ Cookoff . This year, the IBCA sanctioned event had 54 teams competing for the bragging rights of having the tastiest barbeque. The campsites are much like family reunions and when the award ceremony starts, everyone roots for each other. The Grand Champion […]





1-Clarence Joseph Mama & Papa Joe’s BBQ 2-Joey Smith Joe’s Cook Shack 3-Paul Martinez Po’ Meskin Cookers 4-Danny Luera Inhognito 5-Mike Mueller 1 More Beer 6-Ralph Schmidt Cibolo Creek BBQ Team 7-Archie Donaho Fire & Smoke Cooking Team 8-Matt Adamitz Burnin’ Time 9-Donny Cummings High on Shine Cookers 10-Alfredo Celaya Smokin’ Locos


1-Clarence Joseph Mama & Papa Joe’s BBQ 2-Archie Donaho Fire & Smoke Cooking Team 3-Manuel Vacca McAnear Team Rentals 4-Tim Milligan Not So Bad Cookers 5-Shane Burchfield Keeper Hot 6-Darwin Hoel Giant BBQ 7-Greg Reinhardt Atascosa Dodge 8-Jacob Walker J-Town Grillers 9-Andrew Garcia Frac Dawg Grillers 10-Danny Luera Inhognito

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