Enjoying the paper

“A Knock On The Door” by Thelma Cardwell Cale was in your paper August 20, 2014. Thank you and the writer for sharing that beautiful and true story. It really touched my heart. We enjoy the Pleasanton Express so much. Shirley Van Horn WenskeJourdanton

State Capital Highlights

Judge rules revisions to abortion law unconstitutional

U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel on Aug. 29 struck down two provisions in House Bill 2, legislation passed by the Texas Legislature in the second special session of 2013, amending the state Health and Safety Code to restrict access to abortion services. Yeakel wrote, “A state’s legislature cannot purport to act to abrogate the rights guaranteed by the United States […]

Texas Politics

Davis supports increasing minimum wage; Abbott opposes it

Raising the minimum wage suddenly became a hot issue in the Texas governor’s race just after Labor Day, with Democrat Wendy Davis endorsing it, and Republican Greg Abbott opposing it. The national campaign by fast-food workers calling for raising the minimum wage helped spark the discussion. “I’ll fight to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10 because this is […]

Writer’s Roost

John Sharp is a true down-to-earth public servant

John Sharp is one of those people to whom you take an instant liking. He is down-to-earth but brilliant and is truly devoted to public service. Two opportunities to view the Texas A&M University System chancellor revealed a man who seems to always be relaxed and at ease talking to anyone. My first introduction to Sharp came in Lockhart in […]

On the Edge of Common Sense

The trusty Toyota

Gerrall Wayne does his best to keep his old Toyota quarter-ton irrigator pickup in presentable condition. But he’s not afraid to put his ol’ truck to the test. One of his heifers lost her calf. Gerrall went down to Clifford’s dairy to pick up a baby Holstein to graft on. He hog tied the calf and headed out into the […]

Improvements Underway at Charlotte schools

At the end of the 2012- 2013 school year all campuses at Charlotte ISD were at “improvement required” status, meaning that the state assessment results did not meet state standards. There are four indexes for these standards: Student Achievement, Student Progress, Closing Performance Gaps, and Postsecondary Readiness. Student Achievement measures campus and district performance based on satisfactory student achievement combined […]

Commissioners’ Court adopts 2015 Budget and decreases tax rate to $0.3632

Atascosa CountyCommissioners’ CourtRegular MeetingSeptember 8, 20149:00 a.m.Ordered byHon. Diana Bautista,Atascosa County Judge Present were all four Commissioners, Lonnie Gillespie, (Precinct 1); William “Bill” Torans, (Precinct 2); Freddie Ogden, (Precinct 3) & Bill Carroll, (Precinct 4). After call to order of the Special Meeting of the Commissioners’ Court, Judge Bautista asked for a Public Hearing on the Budget for Fiscal Year […]

Two suspects arrested for theft of church playground equipment

Atascosa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested two northern Atascosa County residents early Sunday morning in the process of stealing playground equipment from a church. Around 1:00 a.m. the sheriff’s office dispatch received a call from a lady who was observing several subjects allegedly in the process of stealing playground equipment. Deputy Sheriff Clint Luckett responded to the call along with Sergeant […]

Recipes wanted for Hispanic Heritage Month

Last year for Hispanic Heritage Month, we featured local traditional dishes such as menudo, sopapillas, buñuelos and much more. This cultural celebration runs from September 15 through October 15. We are looking for more recipes to feature. We want you to send us your hispanic recipes. You can email your recipes with a bit of background information to me, snail […]

Plant Q & A Texas A&M

Cactus insects identified

Q. What is the white, fluffy material on our prickly pear cactus? We squashed some, and it is purple inside. It looks gross on the cactus. Is it a fungus? How can we remove it? A. The white material is the coating on cochineal. Cochineal is a scale-like insect that makes its living by sucking the juices from the cactus […]