The Way I See It

Mini reunions, maximum fun

Over the long Easter/Convention weekend just a week and a half ago, I got to see so many people that I haven’t seen in many months, some over a year – some over 25 years. Each year at our press conventions, we are reunited with our colleagues who have now become extended family. Not only do we care about what […]

Does Your Face Reveal Your True Feelings?

Social science experts agree — much of what we “say” is never actually spoken. “Facial expressions and other body language account for more than half of our communication,” says Adam J. Scheiner, M.D.,, an international Oculoplastic surgeon who’s been featured on “The Dr. Oz Show” and “The Doctors.” “When we look at someone, especially when we’re meeting for the […]

State Capital Highlights

Officials jump into river boundary issue

When a temperamental river with mud banks and sand bars defines the border between two states or two countries, there’s a natural potential for conflict between humans on both sides of it. And so, a 140-acre plot of land along the Red River border between Texas and Oklahoma became a growing news topic last week. That particular plot is within […]

Texas Politics

Democratic Lite Guv Candidate Van de Putte Lights Up Annie’s List Lunch

Wendy Davis missed her scheduled joint appearance in Austin Thursday ((4/24/14)) with running mate Leticia Van de Putte, because she wasn’t yet cleared for the campaign trail since neck surgery April 16. But the mostly female crowd of 800 responded enthusiastically to Van de Putte’s call to put more women at the tables where public policies are hammered out. To […]

Writer’s Roost

Pitching washers, badmouthing politicians with Elmo

Some old stories are too good not to re-tell and put in print. In the mid-1950s, Sam Houston State Teachers College was a small school. It’s now Sam Houston State University and has several times the enrollment that it did in the fall of 1955, my freshman year, when the student body numbered 1900 and the freshman class accounted for […]

On the Edge of Common Sense


I ’ve got a year-old Australian Shepherd dog. I don’t intend to use him for livestock; his job will be barker. We live in a rural area. The dogs are penned at night and released during the day into a three acre house and barn lot surrounded by shock collar wire. We have regular invasions of coyotes and javelina that […]

If truth be told

People often ask me “Are the things you write about really true?” And I suppose part of what they mean is, “Why in the world would you tell anyone about some of this?” Well, I guess I’ve always had a knack for making fun of myself, and I figure if I don’t do it someone else will. Usually a sister […]

Pleasanton ISD Education Foundantion’s Golf tourney set for May 5

The Pleasanton ISD Education Foundation School’s Out for Summer golf tournament will be held next Monday, May 5 at the Pleasanton Country Club. There is still time to sign up. The scramble’s fee is $125. It includes the green and cart fees, door prizes and the awards meal afterwards. There will be a shotgun start at noon with 4-person handicapped […]

121 tons of trash removed from Texas beaches Saturday

AUSTIN — A total of 7,334 volunteers hauled more than 121 tons of trash off Texas beaches Saturday for the 28th annual Texas General Land Office Adopt-A-Beach Spring Cleanup. “That’s more than 22,002 hours of labor — all volunteer — working to keep Texas public beaches clean. What an amazing effort,” said Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. “That’s nearly half […]

Plant Q & A Texas A&M

It’s not too late to treat grubs

Q: What are the tall shrubs with red-orange flowers blooming in some neighborhoods? There is also a shrub with small yellow-white blooms that are fragrant. The leaves are thick and waxy. A: The plant with the red-orange blooms is probably pomegranate. The blooms will be showy for four or five weeks and will be followed by the decorative and nutritionrich […]