The Way I See It

What a month!

I don’t know about you, but if anyone has been bored/or thinks they’ll be bored this month in Atascosa County, then they aren’t taking advantage of what we have. With church festivals, picnics and turkey dinners, music festivals, prospect fair, art walks, art shows and the upcoming Pleasanton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Market Days this weekend plus Pleasanton Chamber of […]

Lawyers are uniquely positioned to serve

A woman arrived at the pro bono legal clinic in a desperate state and suffering from severe disabilities. Thanks to the work of attorneys at LyondellBasell, a Houston based plastics, chemical and refining company, she is getting the legal help she needs. The attorneys, led by chief legal officer Craig Glidden and pro bono coordinator Monica Karuturi, are helping her […]

State Capital Highlights

Court rejects case against election law

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Oct. 3 rejected a case challenging the constitutionality of a 2011 Texas election law regulating deputy voter registrars. In a 2-1 ruling, the majority of the panel said the plaintiffs Voting for America Inc., Brad Richey, Penelope McFadden and Project Vote Inc. “have not made a clear showing” […]

Texas Politics

Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott: A Problem?

Texans, we must congratulate ourselves. We have sent a person to Washington, presumably to represent us; and in well under a year, he has become the most despised person in Washington. That’s not easy to do. Sort of like the fastest car ever to go into the wall at the Indianapolis racetrack — and driven by a rookie. We’re talking, […]

Writer’s Roost

Telephone party lines were amazing, adaptable

Today’s technology makes us old codgers scratch our heads while musing, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Computers have made so many things possible, including what I’m doing at this very moment. Once I finish this, I can take the document I’ve created and send it and other similar documents to a list of newspapers that subscribe to this offering […]

On the Edge of Common Sense

Winch Up

A while back I decided to build up my ranching reputation by improving my equipment. I purchased a 1997 crew cab GMC one-ton diesel with only 254,000 miles on it. I traded in a 74 one-ton flat bed F350 with a winch, plus $4,000. I asked the used car dealer if I could keep the winch. He said it was […]

Pleasanton home destroyed by fire

Linda and Douglas Winter’s home located at 4775 SH 97 burned Tuesday evening. Chuck Garris, Pleasanton Fire Chief, received an emergency service call around 7:00 pm, Tuesday, October 8 from Douglas Winter. The Pleasanton VFD, Jourdanton VFD, Leming VFD, and Poteet VFD all responded to the call. However, the house was not able to be saved. No other homes in […]

County Commissioners award electrical service bid to Public Power Pool

Atascosa CountyCommissioners’ CourtRegular MeetingOctober 14, 20139:00 a.m.Ordered byHon. Diana Bautista,Atascosa County Judge Present were all four commissioners, Lonnie Gillespie, (Precinct 1); William “Bill” Torans, (Precinct 2); Freddie Ogden, (Precinct 3) and Bill Carroll, (Precinct 4). After call to order of the Special Meeting of the Commissioners’ Court, Judge Diana Bautista recognized Atascosa County Auditor Ray Samson who spoke on behalf […]

A flashback, do you remember when?

60 Years ago – A feud between two Poteet residents was climaxed when Bicente Tijerina, 32, shot and killed Peppi Leal, 31, outside Orta’s tavern on the Poteet-Pleasanton highway about 5:00 o’clock Saturday evening. Following the shooting Tijerina drove to Jourdanton and surrendered to the sheriff’s department. He has been charged with murder with malice, and he is being held […]

Plant Q & A Texas A&M

It’s too late for Bermuda seed

Q: My live oak tree was newly planted two years ago. It looks great except for a second central stem that has developed. Should I cut it out? The tree is now 8 feet tall. A: Many live oaks prosper as multi-stem trees, but I recommend that you cut out the smallest stem to allow the development of a single […]