Texas Politics

Wendy Davis: First Democratic Governor Since Ann Richards?

Wendy Davis has picked up the gauntlet for the Democrats. They’ve been urging the state senator from Fort Worth to run for governor — and maybe end the 20-year drought in statewide election victories. Davis is famous for a widely viewed 11- hour filibuster in June, against a bill limiting women’s access to abortions and health care. It was streamed […]

Writer’s Roost

‘Whut’s thet boy gonna make, Hahvay? A lieyur?’

High school and college diplomas are welcome and wonderful, but life proves infinitely more educational. If we pay attention, we are blessed to meet interesting folks from whom we learn much. My education was doubly blessed. I’ve always made it a rule to pay attention to all people around me. After all, studying the human condition firsthand is extremely useful, […]

On the Edge of Common Sense

Turtle Trouble

What do horses, centipedes, geese, dogs and zippers have in common with Mike Tyson? They bite! As a veterinarian I routinely find myself sticking my hand into some animal’s mouth, giving pills, floating teeth, removing foreign objects or tickling their uvula. Not long ago I plunged my arm in a cow’s mouth (she was in a chute) to confirm my […]

Who is to blame?

Our country’s government has been shutdown. Who’s really to blame? Which political party? None! The only blame should fall back on us, The People. For we have forgotten our own mottos and morals, like, “In God We Trust,” or, “United We Stand”. We separate ourselves politically, religiously, racially, sexually and go through great lengths to exploit, blackmail, and hurt one […]

Holding hostages

Will someone answer this for me? Is no one in Washington D.C. doing their job? Not Homeland Security not the Attorney General, C.I.A. or the F.B.I. If I had said in public what Senator Cruz said a month ago… “That I wanted to bring down the United States Government.” I would have been picked up by men in black and […]


Trumbo Rd. Burglary

The Atascosa County Sheriff’s Department along with Crime Stoppers is hoping that a FIVE THOUSANDDOLLAR cash reward being offered for one week only will help solve a report of a burglary located in the 25000 block of Trumbo Road, near the Atascosa/Bexar County line. On Tuesday, October 1, 2013 sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence in the 25000 block […]

Robbie Rambles

Not My First Mommy Mishap

Like a good mom, I was there at the first Jr. High foobtball game of the season. I was sporting red, supporting my son. Supporting our new school. Enjoying that feeling. The feel of football. The air, the sea of red in the stands, the sounds,the nachos, the cheerleaders. The boys in their shoulder pads and uniforms. All looking big […]

Plant Q & A Texas A&M

Hybrid oaks could be superior

Q: We have put firebush on our patio and have several sugar water feeders. We expect to see ruby-throated, rufous and black-chinned hummingbirds this fall as usual. We were surprised, however, by seeing what we think are buff-breasted hummingbirds. Is that possible? A: Yes, last year there were several buff-breasted hummingbirds identified in this period of hummingbird movement. Q: Why […]


Benefit for Peña family

On Oct. 26, a Barbecue Chicken and Sausage Plate Sale and Raffle Benefit will be held for the family of Michelle Peña. Plates with all the trimmings will be served Saturday, Oct. 26, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for $7 per plate. There will be plenty of baked goodies and drinks to buy as well. There will be two […]

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