The Way I See It

Living Nativity

I am a sucker for Nativity scenes. I love them. I remember playing with the set my mom most likely bought at Burton’s Ben Franklin store. I bought my first one when I was in college and have added to my collection either through buying them or receiving them. From wooden to ceramic (my friend Christa painted two sets for […]


Fiscal Cliff

Why is it that there is a vision of lemmings rushing off a cliff running through my mind? Is it because the same parties, the same players, and the same policies are still running Washington? What is so difficult in understanding that you must not spend more than you earn. So what is the fiscal cliff and how did we […]

Great folks in Atascosa Co.

On Nov.21,I was traveling south on IH37 pulling a trailer with a tractor on it. This is a brand new trailer with brand new tires. The right rear tire on the trailer blewout. I unloaded the tractor and loosened the lugs on the wheel and jacked it up. Low and behold the lugs holding the spare on the trailer were […]

State Capital Highlights

State moves toward seizure of religious sect’s property

Legal proceedings to seize Yearning For Zion Ranch, a 1,700-acre property in Schleicher County, are under way, the Office of the Texas Attorney General announced Nov. 28. That day, the state filed an affidavit for a search-and-seizure warrant in the 51st District Court of Schleicher County. The state claims the property is contraband and therefore subject to forfeiture “because it […]

Texas Politics

Is the Grover Norquist anti-tax pledge’s fear factor fading?

There are some people, particulary educators and those charged with delivering social services, who don’t have much use for Grover Norquist, and in particular the anti-tax pledge he gets officeholders to take. So perhaps they can be forgiven in the wake of Election 2012, when Democratic President Barack Obama won his re-election while campaigning vehemently for more taxes on rich […]

On the Edge of Common Sense

Kayo and the mare

Getting bucked off is always a possibility in the daily life of a journeyman horse trainer. They take on horses to break and ride. Kayo (an alias to protect the guilty) had gained a good reputation for skilled horsemanship. Already accepted to Vet school at WSU, Kayo could probably teach the faculty a lot about horse psychology! One of the […]

Writer’s Roost

‘It ain’t like watching the old SWC with Joel...’

When I was in high school and college in the mid- and late-1950s, watching football on television was rare treat. First, you had to have a TV set and our family didn’t get one UNTIL I left for college. (Hmmm). On occasional trips home from college, I jumped at any invitation to a friend’s house to watch a Saturday game […]

Hit-and-run, assault sends two to hospital

On November 29th two men are in critical condition after one was struck by a hit-and-run vehicle and the other assaulted. Pleasanton Police found Mario Garza, 29, was unresponsive after being hit by a vehicle near the 500 block of Austin Street in Pleasanton. Another victim, Juan Perez, 25, had allegedly been assaulted by unknown persons during a disturbance. Both […]

City-Base Vista Apartments– redesigned with you in mind

How wonderful it is to live where everything you need or want is at your fingertips. The City Base Vista Apartments is redesigned with you in mind, with the best of everything comfortable living. This apartment community is conveniently located at 2566 Goliad Rd. in San Antonio. It is a 360-unit property that fronts IH-37/US 281 at South East Military […]

Rossville Historical Commission announces Turkey Shoot winners

The Rossville Historical Community Association’s 27th Annual Turkey Shoot was held Sunday, November 18, 2012 at the Rossville Community Center, 515 FM 2504. Shooting started at 10 a.m. This year’s shoot winners are: 1st Place – Randall Foster; 2nd Place – Jerry Guerra; Ladies’ Trophy winner- Lyndzie Porter. The annual drawing was held at 4 p.m. The winners and prizes […]