The Way I See It

Honoring our Veterans

This Sunday, November 11, marks the 95th celebration of Veterans’ Day. Though it was first celebrated as Armistice Day in 1918, it is now celebrated each year to honor veterans of all wars at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11 month. I’ve heard the term Armistice Day my whole life. And, I really never thought of […]



Let us look at two time lines and see what we can see. Katrina, New Orleans and the Gulf region is devastated. Bush makes a late appearance, promises help and leaves. FEMA arrives belatedly, and the media reports that Bush is incompetent and racist. Flash forward Sandy plows into New York, New York and the East coast. Obama makes an […]

State Capital Highlights

Officials say women’s health program is ready

Dr. Kyle Janek, chief of the state Health and Human Services agency, and Gov. Rick Perry on Oct. 31 announced a new state-funded Texas Women’s Health Program is ready to step in and deliver services to low-income women “if Washington cuts off funding to the Medicaid program.” “We’ve got the state program ready to stand up at any time, and […]

Texas Politics

A year is a long time in politics

Looking backward, the adage that a year is a lifetime in Texas politics is certainly proven once again. Remember mid-July of 2011, when Gov. Rick Perry was about to announce his candidacy for president, and shot to the top of the polls? If Perry won the presidency, we wrote at the time, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst might have to choose […]

On the Edge of Common Sense

The right dog for the occasion

One of my Texas buddies was talkin’ about stockdogs “down south” being different than those “up north”. I agreed, depending on where you draw the Mason- Dixon Line. I describe those coming from the cooler climes as “suave, smooth, nervous and quick.” Think of hockey pucks, machine guns and playing zone defense. Border Collies, Kelpies and Aussies fit that description. […]

Writer’s Roost

Is being a gentleman dead or even passe?

Here I am three-quarters of a century old and if there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s that if I fail to be a gentleman in the presence of a lady (woman), my mother will rise out of the grave and spank me. Chivalry and gentlemanliness are dying if not already dead and buried. It came about with the liberation […]

Pleasanton council split on raising bulk water rates

After much discussion, the Pleasanton City Council did not amend bulk water rates at the Nov. 1 regular council meeting. Councilman Roger G. Garza placed the item on the agenda. He began, “I feel that we are not getting enough money for the bulk water and we’re trying to raise rates for residents and commercial businesses, when we could be […]

Downtown Pleasanton Merchants Association and Art on Main receive first Hotel-Motel Tax grants

The regular meeting for the Pleasanton City Council was held on October 18. Mayor Clint Powell and Councilmembers Jimmy Magel, Dist. 1; Abraham Saenz, Jr., Dist. 2, Kathy Coronado, Dist. 3, J.R. Gallegos, Dist. 4, Roger G. Garza, Dist. 5 and Jeanne Israel, Dist. 6 were in attendance. An update was heard on the construction projects and utility systems in […]

Pleasanton City Manager’s Message keeps council apprised of projects

During the City Manager’s Message at the Nov. 1 Pleasanton City Council meeting, Bruce Pearson thanked the Hampton Inn team. The city welcomed them with open arms and the Patels and the team welcomed the city to their celebration. Pearson said the groundbreaking ceremony was enriching culturally. He congratulated everyone for making the project successful. It still opened on time, […]

Good Morning, Gorgeous!

This past Thursday, I attended the 8th Annual Healthy Woman Gala. Viva Las Vegas, Baby! Healthy Woman is an organization set up by South Texas Regional Medical Center as a way to promote women’s health. There are events throughout the year to inform as well as pamper women. Many subjects are covered from breast cancer to self defense. This year’s […]

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