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The Way I See It

Paying it forward

Visiting with friends at a recent Texas Press convention, I am reminded that we all have very interesting lives and those beget interesting stories. I told a story of helping a young lady from Brazil. My daughter Allison had just returned from her trip abroad at the airport in Austin. Her luggage was not so lucky. While she handled that […]

State Capital Highlights

Movers put historical collections back in mansion

Signs that the governor’s mansion soon will be functional again have been evident recently. Pieces from the governor’s mansion collection were being moved back into the stately home that in June 2008 was heavily damaged by arson. The governor’s press office announced June 20 the return of the collection marks the first stage of the move phase of the restoration […]

Texas Politics

Comparisons of Texas Republican, Democratic platforms

Political party platforms are documents primarily written by true believers in the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and other parties. They give some idea of the beliefs of party activists who actually like to go to meetings. But at least parts of them often receive only lip service, or are ignored, by the politicians who actually run for office under those parties’ […]

Writer’s Roost

Right coffee will get your heart started in morning

Lest anyone think I’m all hung up on writing about coffee, well, just talk to the dadgum doctors. They keep doing studies that generally put me in the position of defending my caffeine intake in this space. When they tell me I can’t have my two cups of coffee in the morning, I figure they’ve stopped preaching and started meddling. […]

Jourdanton Chamber seeks award nominations

The Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce is please to announce and solicit nominations for the following2012 Good Citizenship Categories: Senior Citizen (65 years+); Young Citizen (2-40 years); Man o the Year (40 years+); Woman of the Year (40 years+); Teacher ofthe Year (must teach at JISD or retired from teaching at JISD); Teen of the Year (high school senior or junior […]

Officer Meet & Greet

There will be a Neighborhood Street Meet and Greet with the Poteet Police Department this Friday, June 29, from 7:30-9 p.m. Poteet Police Officers will be in your neighborhood to discuss the Neighborhood Watch Program. Be ready to meet and greet the police officers and your neighbors.

Pleasanton to impose 120-day moratorium on RV parks

Public hearings on July 2 and 5

On June 21, the Pleasanton City Council voted 4-3 to adopt the ordinance to impose a 120-day moratorium, in accordance with state law, on accepting, processing or issuing permits, authorizations or approvals necessary for the creation of development plats, construction or facilities related to RV parks. Voting against were Councilmen Abraham Saenz, Roger G. Garza and J.R. Gallegos. When council […]

Gaither contests election

Lonnie Gaither, a candidate for the recent District 2 City Council seat, has filed to contest the election held on May 12, 2012. The contest was made on the basis that four citizens voted in the wrong district. Though the voters had been included in District 2 and were on the same roll, the redistricting map showed otherwise. A hearing […]

Utility fund considerations

At the recent Pleasanton budget workshop, City Manager Bruce Pearson gave an overview of the Utility Fund. “The Utility Fund is a properietary fund that operates from the revenue received from the services and products it provides to our citizens and our customers,” said Pearson. “In other words, the product of potable water, along with the services of wastewater collection […]