Do something, Congress

How to change perceptions of a do-nothing Congress & get real work done by 2013

I know I’m not the only American frustrated with Congress right now. But I’m also optimistic that Congress will rise above politics to make some important decisions that will directly impact the educational opportunities, health and economic security of American families. One critical issue facing Congress deals with college students and college affordability. On July 1, 2012, interest rates on […]

Political Cartoon

The Way I See It

Passed vs. past

Though the last few weeks have had my life, both professionally and personally, consumed by the recent election, I can honestly say that I’m relieved. Relieved that both initiatives passed. Relieved that our community came out to support this effort. But I must confess that I will miss all the activity. It certainly kept me on my toes. I’m thankful […]

To all who vote for “community” items

This past Saturday I went to my local polling place to put in my vote on the initiatives for the community center and library. When I handed over my voter registration card, I was told that I could not vote because I live outside the city limits, to which I replied “are you serious?!” I told the lady that I […]

Voices were heard

THANK YOU to all the Pleasanton citizens who voted in support of Initiatives 1 and 2 in the Pleasanton City Election on Saturday, May 12. Every citizen in the City had the opportunity to have a voice in this election. To those who chose to do so, con- gratulations for voicing your opinions. Now we ask the City of Pleasanton […]

Enough is enough

Enough is enough with Ben Sargent’s completely biased political cartoons. They are becoming disgusting in that they are so full of lies. Example the latest shows an Elephant, knowing that this represents the Republican party (and as anyone who follows Mr. Sargent’s cartoons knows, HE HATES ANYTHING REPUBLICAN) putting a cork on a bottle containing “RIGHT TO VOTE”, supposedly meaning […]

State Capital Highlights

Voter ID law remains on hold pending legal action

Before and after the passage of Senate Bill 14 by the Texas Legislature in 2011, the new voter identification legislation was labeled discriminatory by its opponents (Democrats) but a necessary tool to prevent fraud by its supporters (Republicans). Now, nearly a year since Gov. Rick Perry put his signature on the “voter I.D.” law, it is still pitching and rolling […]

Texas Politics

Patrick-Carona dust-up latest for Senate

The Texas Senate has generally been a bit quirky. There’s more lately. Follow closely: One Texas state senator emails his colleagues that a fellow senator is spreading untrue rumors about him. The accused senator says the accuser’s accusation is untrue — which the accuser could have learned had the accuser called him before accusing him to other senators. And, both […]

Writer’s Roost

Political longevity can be public

I t is human nature to want stability. We desire it for our family and for institutions upon which we rely. There is a tendency with those of us in the voting, taxpaying public to keep people in elective and/or appointive office, particularly if the officeholders are fairly non-controversial and give all the appearances of doing a good job. Often, […]

On the Edge of Common Sense

The Magic Triangle

Triangles have a unique place in our world. Engineers use them to build bridges, romance writers use them to manufacture chaos, Pythagoras used it to create his theorem, and the shortstop uses it to make a double play! Triangles strengthen structures. They take three straight lines going nowhere and form a bond that can withstand great pressure. I see this […]