On the Edge of Common Sense

The McGuffin

Three giant lobby groups from an alternative time-warp are engaged in a furious hissy fit whose purpose is raising money to pay lawyers. “Send Money so we can Litigate, Pay company Executives, and Solicit more Funds!” “Animals are overrunning government property,” they exclaimed,” …and endangering the environment! These are domestic animals that have been turned loose to fend for themselves […]

Writer’s Roost

Apple computers made life easier for small newspapers

Apple computers made life easier for small newspapers Apple/MacIntosh’s late genius creator, Steve Jobs, probably never truly realized what he did for the community newspaper industry and for me personally. Put simply, Jobs made life so much easier for small newspapers and their staffs. When I first heard of computers, IBM was just about the only manufacturer and their product […]

Oil & Gas Report

Where the RRC has jurisdiction…and where it doesn’t

The Railroad Commission of Texas is an important adjunct to the oil and gas industry. They fulfill an important role in looking after interests of individuals and the state as a whole. There are areas they have jurisdiction over and others where they are not to be looked to as the decision makers. To begin, we’ll take a look at […]


Collecting dog food for fines

While you are warming up in your home or office, especially after a good, satisfying meal, think of those less fortunate; those who are out in the cold. If you want to help out, even in a small way, the Pleasanton Public Library is taking donations for a local, no-kill animal shelter in lieu of your fines, throughout the month […]

Community Center/Library petition is half-way finished; petition rally planned for Saturday, December 17th

The group of concerned citizens that is circulating the petition that proposes putting two vital issues concerning the Pleasanton Community Center/Library project to a vote of the people is encouraged that they have gathered over 250 signatures of the 500 signatures required. They are therefore optimistic that the effort will be completed in the near future. A “Petition Rally” is […]

Funds needed by end of month

The lights are up, the tree is trimmed, ecards are sent and the shopping is never finished! It’s Christmas time and barreling down on the end of the year. The fiscal year—the last month that you can make tax deductible donations in order to take it off this year’s taxes. Not something you want to think about now—taxes. But we’re […]


Lights to music for CASA!

Bring a gift for children in foster care

It is easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas, but one family who definitely has not is the Burress family of Pleasanton– Gary, Amanda, Clarissa and Matthew. The family invites everyone to stop by their home at 2908 W. Goodwin (FM 3350) on Friday, Dec. 16 and Tuesday, Dec. 20 to visit with Santa Claus and see their amazing […]

Locals put word of God in their hearts

The morning of Dec. 3 in Pleasanton started out with rain and dark skies. It appeared as though the first ever Community Prayer Walk would not take place. However, right at 9 a.m. the rain stopped, just in time for locals to gather at the Atascosa River Park pavilion. One of the event organizers, Denise Petter, hopes to make it […]