McMullen Tourney Highlight Video

Just in the nick of time. Managing life in this multi-tasking world.

Anybody who has known me for more than 30 minutes knows that I am “time challenged” and disorganized. I own it, but don’t like it. In fact, if I could conquer these two areas in my life I think I would probably be the happiest person I could possibly be. With the Christmas season and all its inherent deadlines and […]

Christmas memories the priceless gift that keeps on giving

 Quickly, name five of your all time favorite Christmas gifts. Now, name five of your fondest Christmas memories. For me, I had to rack my brain to even recall a few of the presents.  But the memories, oh my, how easily they flowed.  Bountiful and beautiful each and every one, these treasured times are my favorite gifts. No amount of […]

2011-12-14 E-Edition

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