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Poteet Intermediate students compete at District UIL Meet

Many Poteet Elementary and Intermediate students realized great success at the recent district University Interscholastic League (UIL) Academic meet. Students competed in various academic contests February 23 in Pleasanton.

Among those who competed in events were:

2nd grade Story Telling-Ella Shaver (5th place), Journie Garcia, Natalie Ancira; 3rd grade Story Telling Rachel Cervantes (2nd place), Taylor Fojtik, Kathlene Rodriguez, Alexandria Gonzales, Myra Hernandez; 3rd grade Spelling-Dominick Soto, Julia Smith, Sawyer Huggins, Kendall Espinoza; 2nd grade Chess Puzzle-Addison Weaver (5th place), Delaney Garza, Alexander Merriam; 3rd grade Chess Puzzle-Jared Esponoza (3rd grade); 2nd grade Creative Writing-Kaily Smith, Nayeli Pena, Ella Shaver, McKinley West; 3rd grade Ready Writing-Sawyer Huggins, Sabrina Mendez, Kendall Espey, Molly Jane Barton, Taylor Fojtik; 3rd grade Music Memory- Jared Espinoza (5th place), Molly Strimple; 4th grade Ready Writing- Blake Moose (3rd place), Avary Seiler, Alexis Ortiz, Saul Vasquez; 5th grade Ready Writing-Emily Ramos (6th place), Tahis Ramirez, Isabella de La Garza, Aurianna Villalta, Ismene Cerna; 4th grade Oral Reading-Cutter Blagg (1st place), Avryl Landaverde (4th place), Lacey Stevens, Alexis Ortiz; 5th grade Oral Reading-Iris Shaver (6th place), Jasmine Gonzales, Caleb Rangel, Aurianna Villalta; 5th grade Maps, Graphs, and Charts-Robert Rutherford (1st place), Isabella De La Garza (5th place), Markus Aguilar; 4th grade Art History-Karoline Barton, Nemencio Tijerina, Asia Ramos, Pablo Gonzales; 5th grade Art History-DÂ’Andra Calhoun (1st place), Isabella Garcia (5th place), Enricka Vela (6th place); 4th grade Music Memory-Ayden Castillo, Madison Coldeway; 4th grade Number Sense-Blake Moos (4th place) Clarissa Bermea, Sadie Lambardia; 5th grade Number Sense-Tahis Ramirez (6th place), Isabella De La Garza (6th place); 4th grade Spelling-Blake Moos (1st place-Perfect Score), Avryl Landaverde (3rd place), Alexis Ortiz, Avary Seiler; 5th grade Spelling-Jasmine Gonzales (3rd place), Iris Shaver, Rachelle Casias; 5th grade Dictionary Skills-Xadie Reyes (1st place), Samantha Mendez (2nd place), Nicolas Coronado (3rd place); 5th grade Listening Skills-Nicolas Coronado (5th place), Brianna Johnson, Mia Cervantez; 4th grade Chess Puzzle-Lacey Stevens; 5th grade Chess Puzzle-Abel Betancourt (1st place), Blake Killingsworth (3rd place), Nicolas Coronado (4th place), Derek Sharman, Noah Pena.

Students who competed were honored for their efforts and awarded medals and certificates at a ceremony February 28 in the Poteet Intermediate Library.

The event will be hosted by Poteet next year.

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