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Eagle Ford Shale Talk

Leon Zabava
Oil & Gas Editor

Welcome to my inaugural message, on the Oil and Gas page, I’m calling “Eagle Ford Shale Talk”. This page will be part of the Pleasanton Express, once a month, to start with. Later on, this oil and gas page may go to twice a month. My usual weekly article, Oil and Gas Report, will continue in each issue of the Pleasanton Express on a different page.

It is my utmost desire to bring you interesting articles and photos. There will be a little bit of everything that’s oil related on this page that I feel you would find informative. Also, stories of families that have moved into Atascosa or McMullen Counties in oil field job related situations. I’m looking for oilfield humor, too.

I’m asking for you to email me with oilfield stories you’re aware of, from the early 1900s and subsequent years, maybe, through the 1970s. If there are oil and gas field photos from early scenes you would let me share with our readers, that would be welcomed. Among the stories, with photos, if possible, that I’m looking for, are drilling or other petroleum-related operations in and around Humble Camp, south of Pleasanton. Among other stories and photos I want are the following: the gas plant west of Jourdanton; earlier Halliburton operations out of its former Pleasanton yard; exploration and drilling scenes in the Campbellton-Peggy-Fashing area; early Charlotte oilfield operations; wildcat drilling just north of Leming; early Black Hill oil and gas scenes; stories and photos of wells drilled northeast of Pleasanton near Perry Feeders; oilfield scenes south of Jourdanton; info about the Gorman Fee well drilled in the Edwards just southeast of Poteet; early McMullen County oil and gas stories and photos; photos, if possible, and information on the huge oilfield fire, years ago, near Cross, that was extinguished by Boots and Coots; wells drilled in the Franks Field (Navarro) south of the old American Legion Field area, southwest of Pleasanton; photos of early drilling activities utilizing antiquated equipment in Atascosa and McMullen Counties; early drilling in the Lytle and Somerset vicinity of Atascosa County; Jones and Laughlin Company info; stories and photos of the old Hughes Tool Company (owned by Howard Hughes) in south Pleasanton; info and photos from the Troell and Courand ranches and Leal area southeast of Pleasanton.

This past Wednesday morning, May 30, my friend, Rene Montalvo, drove over from Pearsall where he’s presently headquartered, with Chesapeake Energy Corp. He is Manager - Community Development and Corporate Relations rep for the entire Eagle Ford Shale area. Other Chesapeake personnel, from their Austin headquarters, met with me at the same time. Haley Curry, Manager - Communications, and Liza Firmin, Senior Coordinator- Corporate Development, with Chesapeake, wanted to visit and look around the City of Pleasanton. Topics discussed with the three were the proposed 18-wheeler loop that we are considering, south of Pleasanton, that would exit off IH 37 and intersect with SH 97 just east of Jourdanton, coming off CR 431 at that point. Also, they wanted to see our beautiful Pleasanton Country Club golf course. They were impressed. Haley and Liza, while driving down from Austin, and then entering SH 97 (W. Oaklawn) in Pleasanton, mentioned being intrigued by all the land being cleared for development

The following morning, Thursday, May 31, another friend, Silver Vasquez, from his San Antonio office, visited with me. Silver was formerly with Chesapeake Energy and is presently doing public relations work for the American Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA). He was interested in driving around, to see, first hand, an update on all the growth, taking place in Pleasanton. We were joined by Bill Carroll, Atascosa County Commissioner, Precinct 4, where more discussion prevailed, that included a southern loop, for 18-wheelers, around Pleasanton.

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