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Do the Right Thing - Vote May 12

Pearson puts the pride back in Pleasanton
Noel Wilkerson Holmes
Associate Publisher

Pearson puts pride back in Pleasanton

In this day and age when officials, elected and appointed, take a stand only when the re-election or re-upping of their position is at stake, it is beyond refreshing to see our City Manager, Bruce Pearson, stand up and do the right thing.

The city council sticking points are whether the steering committee adequately kept the council informed on building plans, the availability and attendance of the project architect at council meetings and the condition of the buildings on 100 Main Street. But, the most disruptive issue to date has been whether to keep a portion of the 100 block of North Main Street in the city of Pleasanton open or closed.

Pearson said that because the council had asked him to give his opinion on crucial issues that he would do just that. “I am going to tell you that everybody has some flesh in this game and some responsibility from what I have seen. And, I think after three months and two weeks I can be objective,” said Pearson.

“Shame on the committee for not reporting more to the council,” Pearson continued. “Shame on the council for not asking the committee to come to report more. The council is the governing body of this city. You have the right to ask any committee, disband any committee and request that the consultant be at the city meeting. If they don’t show up, get rid of them. It is as simple as that. Everybody has some flesh in this. To revisit what has happened in the past is not going to help any of us. There are people laughing at us right now. There are people who have laughed here tonight,” Pearson said referring to the packed city council meeting room.

The lion’s share of the 2 1/2 hour long meeting was spent on five out of nine agenda items primarily focusing on Main Street issues that could be construed as personal politics. On several occasions, comments made by city council members drew laughter which seemed born out of the outlandish nature of their content. It seemed that Pearson after listening to the night’s non-stop rhetoric and after three months of watching in-fighting from both sides felt compelled to take a stand and call those responsible into accountability. Pearson who holds a Master’s of Public Administration degree from UTSA College of Public Policy, (4.0 GPA), is three months into a six month probationary period in which his contract can be severed without cause.

In the last Pleasanton citywide election, a mere 231 voters out of an approximately 5000 registered voters took the time to cast their ballot. A man who has served in our city for a short three months and put his job on the line has placed his faith in the citizens of Pleasanton to let their voice be heard.

Let us all take his lead. Whether you vote “yes” or “no” in the May 12th election, you will know that your vote was counted. Do the right thing and cast your ballot. Don’t let a handful of residents determine the shape of you and your family’s future in Pleasanton. This election has the potential to change the face and the direction of this city for many years to come.

We must all re-embrace our civic pride in our community. A community that Pearson said has broad shoulders, that has stood by itself and depended on no one, that has financial responsibility and great community leaders. Pearson said that we all should be proud of these facts. By voting, you show your pride in this city and you become a vital and lasting part of what makes Pleasanton a great place in which to live, work and play.

To ensure that voters have adequate information to make their decision on initiatives #1 & #2, The Pleasanton Express has included a Community Center/ Library page in this edition. The renderings that were approved by the city council on July 28, 2011 are featured as are a selection of City Council minutes chronicalizing the events leading up to the initiatives helps clearly explain the facts about this community wide project and will further explain the various ways that the Community Center/Library/Plaza can be used by every citizen.

The Express has also published the voting precincts in this issue in the regular print and online editions. It is state law that your employer allow you adequate time to vote.

No excuses. Just do the right thing - VOTE!

If you are confused on the specifics of Initiative #1 and Initiate #2, they are:

Voter Initiative #1:

A resolution, by initiative of the qualified voters of the City of Pleasanton, approving and adopting the Community Center/Library plans, previously approved by the Pleasanton City Council on July 28, 2011 and allowing the Community Center/Library project to proceed as set out in those approved plans.

Voter Initiative #2:

An ordinance, by initiative of the qualified voters of the City of Pleasanton, closing a portion of the 100 Block of North Main Street in the City of Pleasanton, Texas, being that portion immediately adjacent to the Community Center and Library Project and Buildings, as more

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