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Upcoming NFL Cream of the Crop

Aaron Davidson

Just to mention a few teams that have had that status for a few years now, The Patriots, The Steelers, The Giants, The Packers & The Saints. There are a few other teams that I did not mention due to the fact that they seemed to fall short in the playoffs the last few years or just fell short of the Superbowl like the Forty Niners (With a upcoming second year coaching staff that had great numbers in their first year coaching), The Ravens, The Colts (Who now are short of Peyton Manning), The Bengals (Who are a up and coming team with a 2nd year quarter back), The Texans (Who still have something to prove), The Eagles & The cowboys (Who have had not made it past the second round in the last several years).

Now to get to the cream of the crop. The Patriots have been a dominant team for quite some time. There is some comparison of the current Patriot's to those dynasties of the past such as the Forty Niners, the Steelers and the Cowboys. As far as their future, are they done? The Steelers have had a similar recent record in the past few years, winning a couple of super bowls with Ben Roethlisberger at the helm at quarter back (who now have the most Super-bowl wins to date - 6 Super-bowls followed by just a couple of teams with 5 Super-bowls like the Cowboys and Forty Niners). A team that has had some luck the last few years and some historical catches and plays made (that compare to the Forty Niners of the past) in the past four years are the Giants. Eli Manning, younger brother to Peyton Manning (who recently signed with the Denver Broncos) has one more Super-bowl than his older sibling. The Packers have a very interesting story. The packers had some great seasons with Brett Farve at quarterback and then seamlessly Brett Farve left to the New York Jets, then to the Minnesota Vikings and Aaron Rodgers in his first full season was in 2008 started immediately picking up steam and winning some games in a consistent manor. Now to a Team that has a question mark on their future is the Saints. How is this year gonna turn out for the Saints with the coaches and players that are being suspended? Hopefully they are strong and pull through with the leadership of Drew Brees.

On to those teams that just fell short and why, in my opinion. These teams have a great chance to break through and become a part of the cream of the upcoming crop. The top team is the Forty Niners. In this upcoming second year of a new couching staff, this is a team that had some multiple road games and some very short weeks this past season and ended the regular season 13-3 and fell one game short of the Super-bowl to the Giants. This is a big year for this team that has retained their top notch defense and an offense that supports that defense very well. The Forty Niners, a team developed in mirror to a 70's and 80's team (Old school NFL). The season they had last year had a response to the teams they are playing this upcoming season. In a smart move they will add some wide-receivers and add a down the field advantage to have a passing game to benefit the old school running game. It will be a difficult season but, will be in prime-time on a national level. The Cults are now in rebuilding mode and I believe will slip under. The Bengals, in my mind are an up and coming team and will have to wait and see how the sophomore year goes for Andy Dalton. Their is a thing known as the sophomore slump in the NFL. The Ravens have a great track number against the Steelers in the regular season the last few years, but in the playoffs have fallen short of the Super-bowl.

I honestly think this upcoming season might be a changing of guard for the cream of the crop of the last few years. I think the giants will remain in the few top teams, along with the Packers and Steelers. Also I think the Bengals and the Forty Niners will be added to the Cream of the Crop. This is going to be a great upcoming season with the 2012 game schedule just released.

What are your predictions for the 2013 Super-bowl? I would like to hear your response to my blog and your predictions to the upcoming season of the NFL.

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