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Annual Buck Taylor SCTICA Team Roping

The 7th Buck Taylor South Central Texas Independent Cattlemen’s Association (SCTICA) Team Roping will be held on April 28, 2012, back at the Stockdale Chamber of Commerce Arena in Stockdale, Texas and will feature #8, #10, #12 & #14 ropings.

Books open at 10:00 am for #8 and rope at 11:00 a.m. Buckles will be awarded.

Books will open for #10 and #12 at 12:00 noon rope at 1:00 pm. They will run together with separate short rounds. Buckles will be awarded.

Roping books for #14 will open at 4:00 pm and rope at 5:00 pm. No buckles awarded for the #14.

A different format is being used this year in hopes of drawing more ropers. It is also moved to April for a cooler day. If you recall, it has rained every year it was held Stockdale in the past!

The Independent Cattlemen’s Association members put this roping on and invite everyone interested in roping or in supporting ICA to join us for a day of fun and fellowship.ICA stands for the smaller cattlemen as well as large ranchers and represents everyone equally. The money raised by this day is used to represent cattlemen as well as rural issues throughout the year locally as well as in both Austin and Washington. A recent article in the Wilson County News showed Executive Director, Bill Hyman, representing us in Austin on water issues. Texas is fortunate with the oil and gas interest in the area but there are also concerns that go with this “boom” and ICA will work with our rural areas to help protect our values and the people who live here.

In this effort community members, as well as visitors and ropers and the SCTICA members, come together for a focus on cattlemen’s and rural issues .

Refreshments will be available and all are looking forward to a great day. It is not known at the time of writing if Buck will attend this year.See you there!

For more information contact Brad Cotton, SCTICA President – 830-391-0337; Dickie Jackson, SCTICA Past-President – 830- 391-3153; A.L. “Windy” Miller, ICA 1st Vice President 210-215- 1139.

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