2012-03-21 / Living

Helping military families prepare for reunions

Washington, DC- With the ongoing drawdown of service members from Afghanistan, military families are preparing for the return of loved ones. The homecoming of a service member can be very exciting, but it is also a significant transition that affects the entire family — especially children.

Fortunately, military families don’t have to face this transition alone. The Real Warriors Campaign offers support for families throughout the deployment cycle.

Be Patient: Military families experience a natural adjustment period after deployment, during which children may experience excitement, as well as nervousness and anxiety. Families can ease concerns by taking time to get to know each other and routines again. Maj. Hall advises returning service members to be open to change during this transition.

Visit the Real Warriors Campaign online at www.realwarriors.net or contact the DCoE Outreach Center to talk with trained health resource consultants for assistance 24/7 by calling 866-966-1020. More information and resources are also available at the DCoE website at www.dcoe. health.mil.

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