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Pleasanton council orders general, special election


With a unanimous vote, the Pleasanton City Council ordered the general election for May 12. Seats open for election are Districts 1,2 and 3. In Dist. 1, incumbent Jimmy Magel has filed. In Dist. 2, incumbent Abraham Saenz has filed. He will face Lonnie Gaither, who has also filed in Dist. 2. Former City Manager Kathy Coronado has filed in Dist. 3, currently being filled by Janet M. Jackson, who has not filed for re-election.

The regular meeting was re-scheduled from March 1 to Feb. 28, so it would not interfere with the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet.

Present at the meeting were Councilmembers Saenz, J.R. Gallegos (Dist. 4), Roger G. Garza (Dist. 5) and Jeanne B. Israel (Dist. 6). Other Councilmembers are Mayor Clinton J. Powell, Magel and Jackson. Assuming duties for Mayor Powell was Mayor Pro-tem Gallegos.

The special election for May 12 was also ordered. Voting against was Saenz.

The special election is for the purpose of adopting or rejecting two voter initiatives:

1.) A resolution, by initiative of the qualified voters of the City of Pleasanton, approving and adopting the Community Center/Library plans, previously approved on or about July 28, 2011, by the Pleasanton City Council and allowing the Community Center/Library Project to proceed as set out in those approved plans.

2.) An ordinance, by initiative of the qualified voters of the City of Pleasanton, closing, vacating and abandoning a portion of the 100 block of North Main Street in the City of Pleasanton, Texas, being that portion immediately adjacent to the Community Center and Library Project and buildings, as more particularly described in the attached proposed ordinance.

Other business

The best bid for the rehabilitation of the Industrial Park Ground Storage Tank (Plant No. 6) was awarded to Blastco Texas Inc. out of Houston. This was for the amount of $128,000. City Engineer John Metting explained this is used primarily for fire protection in the vicinity.

With a vote of 3-1, council approved the reimbursement of travel costs to city manager applicant Alan Grinstaff, in the amount of $395.16. Voting against was Gallegos.

Council voted to postpone discussion and action on economic incentive programs the city staff may implement for future development. Council also postponed discussion and action to direct the city manager to develop a process for owners/developers as it relates to economic incentives. Israel asked that they postpone the items for a future meeting, when hopefully the rest of council is in attendance.

City Manager Bruce Pearson was scheduled to introduce Pleasanton ISD Superintendent Dr. Cynthia Clinesmith, but she was unable to attend. So that will be rescheduled.

City Manager’s Report

During the City Manager’s Report, Public Works Director Johnny Martinez said that crews are continuing with the installation of the 12-inch water line on Crestline, from Cynthia to the corner of Crestline and Deer Run. All water wells are in operation and the daily average water production is 1.1 million gallons.

City Manager Pearson said that he had reported two weeks ago on the development processes in reference to how the city handles industrial and commercial development, when people come to city hall. They have had two meetings since then. Pearson said they are beginning to look at some other items involving the development process and they hope that in the next few months they will be able to bring some suggestions and improvements on items they identified at the last meeting.

Pearson also discussed Lots 15-27 in Block 3 of the Crownhill Subdivision. A developer came to council last July, who wanted to develop duplex units in that subdivision. The city began looking more at it and there were some concerns about the existing six-inch wastewater line down on Live Oak being able to hold that capacity for those multi-family developments, as well as the underdeveloped lots in that subdivision.

Pearson said that he, Public Works Director Martinez, City Engineer Metting and Councilman Gallegos visited that area last week. They feel like they have a solution, noted Pearson, but they now understand there may be issues with the homeowner’s covenants or the deed restrictions, as far as multi-family goes.

“We’ll wait and see how those details iron out, but we realize we may have come up with a viable solution to not only help that development along, but also ensure that the rest of the underdeveloped lots will have the capacity for wastewater collection system,” said Pearson.

Regarding the master plan consultant agreement, Pearson said he met with the consultant and he is 85 percent on drafting the agreement. The city will accept it when he is finished and then get with City Attorney Bobby Maldonado for his revisions and legal editing.

The city has received some excellent resumes for the position of finance director and has a great pool of candidates, said Pearson. The city will be reviewing these and then set up interviews.

Pearson also met with the Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator for Atascosa County, who told him about the grant through the Alamo Area Council of Governments. This allows the city to connect with the program and put up emergency announcements related to infrastructure, low water pressure areas, lowwater crossings, public safety issues, etc.

Brush pick-up and disposal service

Code Enforcement Officer Earl Peterson asked Pearson what he wanted to do regarding the brush pick-up revisions.

“There was a reduction of curbside brush pick-up to keep the rates as low as we could for all of our citizens” said Pearson. “This has dramatically increased our brush disposal area at the water plant, as far as people bringing brush down there. We’re going to examine what it really costs the city to have those dumpsters down there and have them hauled off, which I believe is $375 per dumpster, as opposed to what we are getting to fill that dumpster.”

Whenever the city loses money, it is not the city. It is the citizens who have to pay on the other end, said Pearson. He hopes to hopefully bring that information to council soon.

Gallegos and Pearson later added some specific information on the brush disposal program. It may be taken to the Wastewater Treatment Plant on the first Saturday of each month. Hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and a recent city utility bill is required to be allowed to leave materials there.

The first pickup load of brush is free, with further loads costing $20 each. Each pickup load or trailer load of bulky waste costs $20 to dump. Free mulch is available at the plant.

The next city wide cleanup begins April 16 - May 4 and residents are allowed to place items at the curb no earlier than two weeks before the trucks are in your neighborhood. The city appreciates the cooperation of its residents and businesses in keeping Pleasanton beautiful.

Last week the city hosted the Brush Country Art Club’s Artist of the Year event. The award was presented to Lee Ricks. It was a great celebration, said Pearson with about 20 guests and refreshments served.

Longhorn Museum Director Valerie Purgason gave a presentation during the monthly staff reports. She said in the month of February, she had 61 people stop by who asked for information or a map. Also in February, there were 23 visitors from other countries, including Canada and Germany. It is great to be so small and have people come in from so far away, said Purgason. Gallegos expressed his thanks and appreciation to Purgason and her staff.

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