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Jourdanton trustees discuss Big Foot


Jourdanton Superintendent Lana Collavo discussed the status of the Bigfoot campus at the regular meeting of the JISD. All other school districts have pulled out of the co-op, leaving Jourdanton the only school using the program and facility. She wants to talk to the attorney about staffing before deciding how to divide it up. After a discussion with the superintendent of Pleasanton, there is the possibility that the schools can have a joint facility and share expenses. Pleasanton currently sends their students to Floresville, but Collavo does not want to do that due to the safety issues and the cost of transportation.

President Ramon de Leon began with the consent agenda, which contains the minutes from the last meeting, the Business Office report and the monthly bills. The district has a total of $10,678,054.40 in all accounts, including investment and checking accounts. The tax collections for the month were $3,187,147.04. This brings the year-to-date total collection to $4,667,162.13 or 87.82%. The total of all January bills is $1,707,589.17. Barbara Peeler moved to accept, Trisha Taylor seconded. The motion passed with the additional vote of Amador Lugo. Mary Rodriguez, Jane Andrus and Pamela Manning were not in attendance.

The conflict of interest bills were approved with Peeler abstaining. The trustees also approved a resolution to change the date of their election from May to November and extend the terms until that date. The decision to do this was made at a previous meeting.

The 2012-2013 Academic Calendar was presented by Collavo. The committee who drew up the new calendar met three times to come up with the dates. The first day of school will be on August 27; the last day of school will be on May 31. There will be 10 staff development days and the Christmas vacation will be from December 21 through January 7. Two bad weather days are incorporated into the calendar, as well. The trustees approved it as presented.

The March meeting will be held on March 19, instead of the regular date, since that conflicts with spring break.

Due to a water leak under the Junior High gym, the floor that is original to the building, is warping. Collavo presented a quote from Jellison Company to remove the flooring, lay a sub-floor, a vapor barrier, install a vent system to draw away any moisture and lay a new wooden floor for $66,710.75. This company is part of the Buy Board, so they do not have to bid on a project. There is money in the budget to pay for this, plus, there may be some reimbursement from the insurance company. The board voted unanimously to go ahead with the project.

The meeting adjourned into closed session at 7:44 p.m. to discuss personnel matters and to consult with the attorney regarding possible litigation resulting from a motor vehicle accident involving a district vehicle. Upon returning at 9:22 p.m., motions were made and passed unanimously, to renew the contracts for 226 days for the principals, assistant principals and other professional positions. Angelina Balaszi, Business Officer, was awarded a renewal contract for 226 days, with Lugo abstaining from the vote.

The superintendent report included the campus reports. She listed the change in sports to track, softball and baseball.

Wells Fargo Bank sent a letter stating that the recent returned check was due to their error. De Leon asked if the vendor received a letter as well, but Collavo did not know.

The meeting adjourned at 9:29 p.m.

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