2012-02-22 / Farm & Ranch


Lent begins today
Sandy Housh

The Easter season is upon us! Ash Wednesday starts off the season of Lent and most Christian churches use the six week period to discuss our faith and recognize how fortunate we all are to live in a country that doesn't have laws forbidding us to worship our God as we choose. Sometimes we do take things for granted that we shouldn't, don't we?

Don and I were pleased to be able to attend the 100th Anniversary celebration at Poteet United Methodist Church this past weekend. Hearing the history of some of these places makes us all proud of those who have gone before us and commits our walk to follow in their footsteps, doesn't it? In the last few years we've had several churches in our county that had celebrated their anniversaries.

Lets all see if we can continue their dedication for the next hundred years!

Be sure and get over to the ladies luncheon that is an annual affair around here! It's the United Methodist Women's Luncheon that will be held on March 3, at First Baptist Church. All the proceeds go to their youth programs. Get there early (10:00a.m.), so you can check out each table's decorations and be ready to eat by 11:00 a.m. The speaker will be Nannci Gibbons. Have a great time!

We have another Verdi meeting scheduled for March 22, and lots of things need to be taken care of. So, come in and pay your dues and lets get all these repairs done we need to. Call with your news.

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