2012-02-08 / Opinion & Columns

To the citizens of the great city of Pleasanton:

That’s right. I said great. I believe this city is a shining example of what a small town should be. Or what it could be. But the time to act is now. We absolutely MUST approve the closing of a portion of Main St. and the proposed expanded façade for our new Library and Community Center. With an increase in revenue from an oil boom, we need to take advantage of that money to improve and preserve our city for the future. Instead of bonds and long-term loans with rising interest rates and construction costs, we citizens have a rare opportunity to “strike while the iron is hot.” We must improve the looks and infrastructure of an uninviting downtown Pleasanton while the sales tax revenue and confidence in our local economy is on the rise.

I have lived in this city for 22 years, and have seen the decline of our downtown area. Businesses struggle with increased car traffic and decreased foot traffic. Having a true “downtown” would keep us from becoming a speed bump along US Highway 281 and may even make us a destination for tourists and shoppers!

A print shop, restaurants, boutiques, hair salon, and even a friendly pharmacy would benefit from people strolling a downtown plaza and enjoying a peaceful evening or Saturday morning. A true Community Center, already approved and funded, will allow many more events to be held in Pleasanton---weddings, re- unions, meetings, and receptions; things currently being held in other towns.

All this can be yours for one vote. Please vote on May 12th FOR the beautified Library, and FOR the street closure. Our city may depend on it! If you are not registered to vote in this important election, voter registration forms are available at the Pleasanton Library during regular business hours.

Rusty Prasifka

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