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2012-01-18 / Sports

Stating The Obvious

Crunch time has arrived
Eric Smith

Crunch time has arrived in not only the NFL Playoffs, but in local basketball playoff races. As the NFL is down to four final teams, basketball races are down to the final second half of district competition. Only the strong will survive, so get out and support Brush Country Athletic teams.

Basketball action- As the middle of January arrives, that means time is short when it comes to games left for local basketball squads. On the girls side of things, teams will wrap up their district races during the first week of February. As of right now, the lone team who has a clear shot at the playoffs and should make it with no problem is the McMullen County Cowgirls who are 5-0 thus far in district action.

Only one other girls team has a legitimate chance at the playoffs and that is the Charlotte Trojanettes who are 4-2 in district action. Coach Vowell has his troops marching forward, toward breaking their playoff drought for the first time since the early 2000s. Charlotte should be able to capture one of the three playoff spots, but only time will tell. If you want to see a 1A thriller, Charlotte hosts Sabinal this Friday with a 6:00 p.m. varsity contest. Good Luck Trojanettes!

On the boys side of things, no one is a “clear favorite” to make the playoffs, but there are plenty of teams in the playoff hunt. The McMullen County Cowboys are probably the only team who at this point looks to be playoff bound, even though we are a bit early. The boys district race will wrap up the third week in February.

Other teams who have a shot at the playoffs include the Pleasanton Eagles, the Jourdanton Indians and the Charlotte Trojans.

College Hoops- Did anyone else catch the Kansas-Baylor game on “Big Monday”? Boy, did the Jay Hawks look like the real deal against the Bears. What killed Baylor the most, was rebounding. There is a chance I could be Waco bound on Saturday to catch a top-five match-up between the Mizzou Tigers and the Bears. The same “old” coach who coached me in high school and went with me to Columbia is a possibility this weekend. I don’t really want to drive to Waco to watch a match-up that doesn’t include Texas, but then again, can I turn down a great ball game in a great atmosphere?

The Texas Longhorns on the other hand could miss the NCAA Tournament for the first time in many years. We could be cheering them on in the NIT. While it sickens me the lack of success Texas has had over the past few years in basketball and football, it is nice to see programs like Baylor finally get over their huge humps and step up to the plate.

Blue or pink- Well, the day is finally here. As you are reading this (Do people really read what I have to say?), I will already know the big question I have been waiting on. Wednesday is the big day my wife and I will find out if we are going to have a boy or a girl. I have been joking and saying I really hope we have a boy. When people ask why, I simply state: “I don’t want to be late for the next 18-years”. Can you imagine me having to pick up clothes for a girl, learn how to brush her hair, add the bows, etc. for the next years of her life. Heck, my wife gets mad at me when I don’t match, I can’t afford to try and help a baby girl match. Boys are just that much more simple, but guess what? It is out of our hands and we will be blessed with whatever God gives us.

Yes, it is becoming more of a reality. Even though the summer is a few months away, it is arriving a lot faster than I expected. Even though some people claim I don’t seem excited, I am excited and I know it will only build as the baby’s big day nears.

In the long run, I guess it doesn’t take a lot to put “Future Longhorn” outfits on him or her. That keeps it simple, and it is usually what I find to be the best dress for the general occasion.

Get out and support Brush Country Athletic Teams.

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