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2012-01-11 / Sports

Stating The Obvious

A good ole’ Texas Sweep
Eric Smith

Did anyone else not get a big kick out of the BCS National Championship on Monday night? I watched the final 5-minutes of the game following my school board meeting and I was thankful, that is all I had to watch. What is bad, is this is the re-match the “majority” of the nation wanted and they got it. What is even worse, is the TV ratings were probably “great”. What is even better aside from that; has nothing to do with LSU or Alabama.

Texas Sweep- In my honest opinion, I am so happy to say the best part about the 2011-2012 college bowl season was a complete Texas Sweep. That is right, for the first time in many seasons Texas had six different Division I teams in the College Bowl series. TCU, University of Houston, SMU, Baylor, Texas and A& M all were able to pick up bowl victories.

Even though I cannot say I rooted for A& M to win, it didn’t matter; because they were way too much for Northwestern to handle. What impressed me more than Horns or the Aggies or even the Bears, was the University of Houston Cougars and the SMU Mustangs. It is great to see two schools who get the leftovers from Texas and A& M go out and do what they did this season.

Did anyone even realize SMU had a football team still? Ever since the death penalty years back, SMU has struggled to put it together. When SMU went out and stole a coach from Hawaii by the name of June Jones, little did they realize he would get their program turned around. Just look at what he did in Hawaii from 1999-2007. Great job Mustangs, way to finish off the sweep with a dominating victory over the Pitt- Panthers! I must admit, I am a bit sad that the Bowl season is over, but it won’t be long until it will all start up again.

Spurs- The San Antonio Spurs seem to be unstoppable at home, but struggling on the road. It is plain and simple they are not used to playing 3-4 games in a week, much less back to backs every week. Since the NBA season was cut short, they are seeing a lot more games with a lot fewer breaks.

I had the chance to attend the San Antonio- Denver game last Saturday night and had the honor of sitting in lower level floor seats thanks to a great buddy from San Antonio. It was awesome as usual, to see the Spurs up close and personal. I really like the new additions to the Spurs including former UT star TJ Ford and I truly believe at the end of the year; they will be one of the top-5 in the NBA. The only question is, will there be any gas left in the tank for the playoffs?

Heating up- As the temperature is finally cooling down, the local sports scene is heating up. I am starting to realize how my world never stops spinning. Just when we are getting in the thick of the district races in basketball, all of a sudden power lifting and soccer seasons have arrived. The craziest part, in just two weeks practices begin for baseball and softball.

If you do the quick numbers, that’s right, at one point in time in about 4-weeks, I will have a total of 26 different teams playing in five different sports at one time. Decisions, decisions, I am only one man, but let’s just say there will be plenty of miles put on the ol’ F-250 as we do our best to cover Brush Country Sports at its best.

Get out and support your local athletes. Don’t let the cool weather keep you in doors, because the competition is heating up and will keep you entertained and plenty warm!

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