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2011-12-21 / Sports

Stating The Obvious

Small town, big accomplishments
Eric Smith

McMullen County has been known for their basketball teams since I can remember in my short years of life. The size of a town doesn’t always limit the amount of accomplishments that come out of it. There is a saying I always like to use and the basics are: a classification means the number of students in a high school, not the talent in one. With that said, McMullen County Girls Head Coach Tony Taylor added his name to a list of elite in the state of Texas; as he has joined the 500 club. Congrats to the Cowgirls and Coach Taylor.

500 Club- I have been a sports writer/editor since 2000, so I cannot say I have been in and around coaches everywhere. What I can say, is that Coach Taylor is the second coach I have had the honor of covering their sports in which they reached win # 500.

The first lady who reached win # 500 that I covered was someone I consider a south Texas legend, Coach Terri Wells of Devine. Coach Wells captured win # 500 two seasons ago, as she is a storied Head Volleyball Coach who year in and year out led the Arabians to the playoffs in volleyball and even to the state tournament and eventual state titles during her tenure. Coach Wells has since retired from coaching, but remains as the Girls Athletic Director in Devine.

Other area coaches I personally know who have reached the 500 club: Former Devine Arabian Head Coach Gayle Sessions (has over 800+ victories) and current Cotulla Cowgirl Athletic Coordinator Fran Adami has 500+.

Coach Tony Taylor arrived this season in Mc- Mullen County. I had the opportunity to meet him during volleyball 2-a-days. Superintendent Dave Underwood also met me on that same day and he didn’t mind bragging a little; stating they had hired the Coach of the Year (1A-2A- 3A) to coach the Cowgirls in basketball. Little did I realize that Taylor was indeed a pretty darn good coach with an accomplishment or two under his belt. Aside from his recent accomplishment, he is coming off one heck of a year as the San Saba Head Coach as he led the Lady Armadillos to the Class 2A State Tournament.

He tabbed his 500th career victory as a Head Girls Basketball Coach when his Cowgirls captured a hard fought low scoring victory over Port Aransas. It was a 31-30 victory, which helped him secure win # 500.

“There’s an old saying in athletics that “Good Players Make Good Coaches” and I’ve been fortunate over the years to have some really good players,” stated Coach Taylor when asked about his victory.

I e-mailed coach Taylor in joking on Tuesday morning and asked him about a current Texas Girls Coaching win record that is held by a legend who is the Head Coach of the Granbury Lady Pirates. This coach has led teams to 16 state tournaments and one state title.

“Coach Taylor, I know Coach Leta Andrews is the Head Coach of Ganbury and at 74 years old, has accounted for 1,361 victories thus far in her career. How long do you think it will take to reach that accomplishment or at least age,” my e-mail questioned. “Heck no. There is no way I will be in coaching that long,” Taylor responded in joking. With all joking aside, #500 is in my opinion; a great accomplishment.

So congrats to the McMullen County Cowgirls and Coach Tony Taylor on this record and accomplishment. P.S. I asked former sports editor Maggie Rodriguez and to the best of his knowledge, Taylor would be the first coach in the Brush Country in some time to reach this accomplishment.

Note: Small world: our Co-Publisher-Noel Wilkerson- Holmes played under her and my bosses Bill and Judy know her well come find out.

Tis the season- Well, the big weekend is arriving faster than any of us expected as usual. I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. May God bless you and your family during this time. Be sure to eat plenty of wonderful “healthy” food, spend time with your family, remember the reason for the season and if you get a chance, catch a college bowl game or two! P.s. Although I bleed burnt orange, can we say: “Sic-em” Bears, beat UW!

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