2011-12-21 / School

Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner

Mary Mishler

The Waldie’s home in 1972. Pictured (l-r) are: Karen, Kathy, Kris-Ned, Santa, Kim and Me. The Waldie’s home in 1972. Pictured (l-r) are: Karen, Kathy, Kris-Ned, Santa, Kim and Me. It was 1972 and our elementary school was having their annual Christmas program. A lot of time and work from the parents, teachers and students went into this event to make it extra special for all. Every year students would perform in a Christmas play which always included lots of Christmas caroling with bells and glitter and of course a beautiful Christmas tree. Afterwards there would be snacks and then the grand entrance of the man of the year - Santa Claus himself.

Being the mother of four school age children (not to forget the toddler at home), a lot of time was spent at school being involved with the PTA, carnivals, Book Fairs, Field trips, and any where else they needed me. Being at school earlier that day helping to set the finishing touches, it was time to head home to tend to the ‘little’ things that all moms have to do. It would be just a few hours before returning for the gala event.

The kiddos were impatient for they couldn’t wait to see Santa, they had already mailed their letters to him but they were eager to see him in person and once again reminding him of what they wanted. The kids’ dad called and said he would meet us at the school for he was stopping off at the market to pick up oranges for Santa to hand out and for us not to wait for him. So gathering everyone in the car we went with each one loudly rehearsing their part in the program.

Arriving at the school you could feel the excitement in the air. The kids’ dad arrived shortly after and said he would be helping with the snack bar and would join us later. The program was a huge success with the spirit of Christmas spreading throughout.

The principal Mrs. Jackson, then made the announcement that we had a special guest and thru the door walked Santa with a loud, “Ho, Ho, Ho.”

Santa’s chair was rolled out and the line began to form so each child could visit on Santa’s lap. Of course my children were waiting anxiously in line for their turn. As I watched each take a turn I noticed that Santa would laugh a loud, “Ho, Ho, Ho,” and wave at me or at least to someone close to me and I’m thinking he is really a very friendly Santa.

Kim the baby would not even let me get close to Santa for she was terrified of him and would start to cry. She didn’t want any part of him not even the orange that he was handing out. The other children Kathy, Karen, Ned and Kris were all so excited, “Santa knew my name Mom and I didn’t even have to tell him!”

With the heavy congestion around Santa’s station making my way to the snack bar was almost impossible so I decided to head for the car and the kids’ dad could meet up with us at home. Backing out of the parking space I heard someone holler and looking up I could see Santa running in my direction. The kids and I were all speechless as Santa said “I’ll meet you at the house.”

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