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Gold bid to Galveston


South Texas Longhorns Juniors team South Texas Longhorns Juniors team We are very excited in sharing with you that our South Texas Longhorns Cheerleaders have captured another National Title.

This past weekend, the Rookie and Junior Squads competed in Grapevine, Texas at the Xtreme Spirits Grand National Championships and they both returned with two Grand National Titles. Our Rookies competed against four other teams and won their 2nd National Title. The Juniors were faced against five other teams and also came out winning their division.

This will make their third title for this year. They first competed in Corpus Christi, Texas where they won the Xtreme Spirits Division State Titles. Again in November, they traveled to Austin, Texas and won the Xtreme Spirits National Title. Our girls are coached and trained by volunteer coaches and they are competing against professionally trained teams from around the country. By winning the grand title, they now qualify to compete at the Xtreme Spirits International Championships that will be held on January 28, 2012 in Galveston, Texas.

South Texas Longhorns Rookie team South Texas Longhorns Rookie team Atascosa should be proud of these girls as they have given up a lot of their time and devoted themselves to the Longhorn Cheer Organization. We are very grateful to our Cheer Director, Coaches, Board of Directors, and Parents for working together and providing our community children the opportunity to participate in our youth programs. I would personally like to thank the coaches who have given up many, many hours of their own time and in addition, money of their own, training our girls perfecting their routines. We are very thankful to Revolution Athletics for choreographing the girl’s routines. This took team efforts working together by Atascosa residents and the results were rewarding for our young girls.

Our girls will start raising funds to cover the cost of traveling to the International Championships. Any help you can provide for them would be greatly appreciated. Let’s help our girls bring home an International Title. If you would like to help or know anyone who would want to help, contact Kellie Vrana at 830-383-4187 or Art Garcia at 830-200-9285. Thank You Atascosa!

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