2011-11-23 / Opinion & Columns

Kindness appreciated

We want to let you know how much we appreciate the wonderful article written by Thelma Cardwell in her Pen an Palette column about our uncle, Douglas McEuen.

We realize the large article Thelma wrote, about Doug and the story of our great, great grandfather and grandfather, Mary Ann and Francis Marion Poteet, was upon your approval. Our family story would not have been written without the combined effort of the Pleasanton Express, Thelma Cardwell, Leon Zabava and so many others in Pleasanton and Poteet.

In this article, Thelma has given us in print the events of Doug’s arrival to Poteet, all of whom he met and whom helped him in his quest to put together the book of our heritage the monument erected in front of the Volunteer Firehouse and the wonderful space in the Longhorn Museum.

We are so proud to be Poteet and Pleasanton. Thank you Pleasanton Express, Pen and Palette and especially Thelma Cardwell, as you are a gift to us in ways you will never know. Thelma, we love you as the talented writer, painter and unofficial historian that you are... thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done.


Tara Brady, Chandler, AZ; Tami Trout,

Chandler, AZ; Tresa Olson, Chandler, AZ; Tracy

Colon, Pasco, WA; Patti Southerland, Des

Moines, WA; Lisa Rockwell, Des Moines, WA and Jan Favorite, Chandler, AZ

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